Why is my spine not moving

Is this you?

Is Your Body Not Moving...

  • Shoulders Rolled In
  • Head Forward
  • Legs That Hurt When They Move
  • Pain Down Legs
  • Foot Pain
  • Exhaustion and Fatigue
  • In a pattern and cycle of stress

Why Is My Spine Not Moving The Way I Would Like


When your spine isn't moving your brain is not happy.

Brain Not Happy

When your brain is not receiving movement stimulation from your back or your legs, your bulb (brain) strength dims down.

Forward Head

Your brain compensates for not moving by bending forward even more and gravity begins to WIN.

Pattern Continues

When your head falls forward, your shoulders roll in, your body feels out of position and it hurts to move.

Benefits Of Movement

The way the spine sits and moves directly feeds the brain

Happy Chemicals

When your body moves, your brain gets the correct information about your environment. Your brain releases happy chemical and you fell better.

Immune System

Movement of the spine promotes immune system to be engaged and healthy. We tend to get sick less often and less severe when we move.

Brain Health

When we move our brain becomes better at interpreting and regulating the environment we are in. We become more aware of stress and able to deal with it.

Do You Find Yourself Saying...

" My spine doesn't move like others do in yoga"

"I want to be able to keep up with my kids"

"I love to run but my mechanics seem off"

"I want to develop my muscles but my body is not responding"

"I can't carry my kids anymore like I used to"

"I sit all day at the office my only breaks are very short"

"I used to be able to touch my toes...I am just getting old"

"My shoulders checks in the car are very difficult"

"I don't have the flexibility and mobility I used to and feel stiff"

It is important to me that my spine move...I want to learn more.

You Will Receive:

*A Complete Chiropractic Consultation

*Movement Evaluation

*Postural Evaluation

*Stress Testing

*Nerve Scan

*Vitality Strength Testing

*X-Ray ( if necessary)

*Report of Findings

*Action Plan

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